Nagasaki Cycle RouteNagasaki Cycle Route

What are the Nagasaki Cycle Routes?

Nagasaki Prefecture, located on the western tip of Kyushu, is surround by the sea and brimming with magnificent nature. It also boasts the second longest coastline in all of Japan. It is a fabulous location where many types of cycling can be enjoyed from long rides into the crisp sea breeze, to touring trips which visit various sight-seeing spots, to strolling into city centers where encounters with local people await.

We have four exciting routes that showcase many of Nagasaki’s charms.
The “Shimogoto Island Route” brings bikes over to Goto Island by boat to give participants a challenge on a course that’s used as part of the Goto Nagasaki International Triathlon. The “Kamigoto Island Route” explores the history of the region such as visiting the Villages of Kashiragashima Island, a constituent heritage designated as a World Cultural Heritage. The “Southern Omura Bay Route” visits Nagasaki Airport which rests in the calm Omura Bay as well as a famous spot for cherry blossoms. And finally, the “Shimabara Peninsula Circuit Route” takes participants through the abandoned tracks of the Shimabara Railway and a Geopark. In addition to experiencing the breathtaking nature of Nagasaki, these carefully planned routes will also let you experience the prefecture’s history and culture.